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Model: O2-ADPT     Cat.No.: O2-ADPT
Manufacturer: Microelectrodes, Inc.

This adapter allows an Microelectrodes' Oxygen microelectrode to be directly connected to a voltage reading device (i.e. Strip Chart, A/D Board, DVM) without the need of an Oxygen Meter. See Specifications.


Model: SST-1     Cat.No.: SST-1
Manufacturer: Physitemp Instruments, Inc.

Skin surface probe, to be taped on. 1/4" dia. 10 Kt. gold sensor disc, 5 ft. lead. Max. Temp. 90C. Time constant 0.15 secs. Not Isolated. Type T Thermocouple.


Model: PH DAY2     Cat.No.: PH DAY2
Manufacturer: Menfis / Medica SpA

A portable system for recording the gastroesophageal pH values by means of 2 channels.

Light, small and powerful allows recording as long as 24 hours and more

Download pdf Brochure.


Model: Dx-pH     Cat.No.: Dx-1000
Manufacturer: Restech - Respiratory Technology Corporation

Sensing and recording both Aerosolized and Liquid pH levels in either the Esophagus or the Airway.
It allows for less invasive placement of the sensor.
Measures Gastric reflux in the airway or Supraesophageal reflux. It measures a full spectrum of acid and alkali.
System comprises of:
- Dx-Recorder™ (using a wireless protocol.)
- Dx–Transmitter™ (attached to the Dx–pH Probe via USB. It collects the pH data from the Dx–pH Probe during the study and sends it to the Dx–Recorder using wireless telemetry.)
- Dx–pH Probe™
(introduced via the naris and rests just behind the soft palate for the duration of the study.)
- Primus™ pH Probe (has a smaller tip and softer catheter than the standard Dx-pH Probe.)
- Dx–Calibration Vials™ and Dx–Calibration Stand™ (Vials which contain single use of pH7, pH4, and rinse solutions.) Download pdf Brochure.



Model: Fontanometer     Cat.No.: Fontanometer
Manufacturer: Gaeltec Devices Ltd.

Developed to make non-invasive measurements of ICP in neonates/newborns, using the principle of the applanation of the fontanelle.
See Specifications or Download pdf Catalogue (see page 18).

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