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Model: O2C-1111    Cat.No.: 1111
Manufacturer: LEA GmbH

The O2C is a diagnostic device for non-invasive measurements of Oxygen supply in microcirculation of blood perfused tissues.
The measured parameters are: Blood Flow in Microcirculation, Capillary-Venous Oxygen Saturation, Blood Filling of Microvessels, Blood Flow Velocity.
The O2C is available in 15 variations*. The variations differ in: number of channels, i.e., number of connected probes**, the parameters which can be recorded per channel, the measuring depths of a probe .
Modell 1111 can use one probe in one measurement depth; one of the following probes: LF6, LF7, LM11 or LF3.
* Download the table of available variations (models).
** There are 3 types of probes: Flat, Vertical & Micro. Download pdf Brochure of probeds.

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Model: moorVMS-OXY    Cat.No.: moorVMS-OXY
Manufacturer: Moor Instruments Ltd

The moorVMS-OXY™ system is a Tissue Oxygenation Monitor, using a white light spectroscopy method to assess tissue oxygen saturation (SO2), tissue hemoglobin concentration and temperature.
It provides simplicity in use, real time measurement and the possibility to measure tissue oxygenation, blood flow and temperature with one probe (skin or needle designs) in conjunction with a moorVMS-LDF laser Doppler system. It does not require tissue heating for reliable baseline measurements enabling true resting oxygenation status to be assessed, as well as adequacy of oxygen delivery to tissue upon heating. Medical grade design: for both clinical and research applications. A wide range of probes are available. Watch electronic Brochure.

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Model: moorVMS-NIRS    Cat.No.: moorVMS-NIRS
Manufacturer: Moor Instruments Ltd

A Deep Tissue Oxygenation Monitor.
The moorVMS-NIRS near infrared spectroscopy monitor is designed to assess oxygenation status in deeper tissues non-invasively, muscle, brain, etc..
•Dual channel module: allowing you to assess and compare two sites simultaneously.
•Compatibility with existing moorVMS family products and software: combine modules for a multichannel system to your own specification.
•Three probe holders: 30, 40 and 50mm separation offering sampling from three different tissue beds.
•Add laser Doppler flowmetry (moorVMS-LDF) or white light spectroscopy (moorVMS-OXY) measurements: with provision for probes within the NIRS probe holders.
•Easy viewing: High contrast, ice white, backlit display.
•Advanced Windows™ compatible moorVMS-PC software: with extensive analytical features, batch processing and report templates.
•Highly connectable: As well as the visual output, all monitors feature analogue outputs (0-5V) and digital (USB) real time data transfer.
•Factory calibrated: no need for probe pre-calibration.
•Medical grade design: for clinical research applications.
•Multi-lingual training DVD: for continual reference.
•Reliability: 3 year manufacturers warranty as standard – no servicing requirement. Annual service plans extend the warranty to 5 years.

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Model: Precise 8008    Cat.No.: TCP-808.011
Manufacturer: Moor Instruments Ltd

Multi Channel tcpO2 Monitor - up to 8-channel.
Used alone or together with moorVMS-LDF and moorVMS-PRES configurations to enable a full range of microvascular assessments.
The picture shaws moorVMS-LDF placed on top of Preicise-8008. See Specifications

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Model: Precise 8001    Cat.No.: TCP-801.000
Manufacturer: Moor Instruments Ltd

Single Channel tcpO2 Monitor.
Used alone or together with moorVMS-LDF and moorVMS-PRES configurations to enable a full range of microvascular assessments. See Specifications.

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