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Model: MK-11    Cat.No.: MK-11
Manufacturer: Muromachi Kikai Co., Ltd.

Electronic Vaginal-Estrous Cycle-Monitor, Rat.
Enables to obtain a precise information on optimum day for mating during estrous cycle in the rats.
The electrical impedance of the epithelial cell layer of vaginal mucosa is measured at the frequency of 1 kHz by insertion of the probe into vagina. In the proestrus stage significantly high impedance is produced compared to that in the other stages of the estrous cycle. 3 kohm of impedance can be considered a standard indicating proestrus stage. Measuring range is 0 - 19.9kohm.
p/n RP-45A - Probe for Rat (55mmL x 4.5mmOD).
p/n MP-35 (50mmL x 3.5mmOD) - Probe for Mouse*.
*(Important Note: The MK-11 has been developed exclusively for rats. Mouse probe is available upon request, however, the manufacturer will not assure whether a satisfactory test result can be obtained.)

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