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Model: Quik-Cap    Cat.No.: Quik-Cap
Manufacturer: Compumedics-NeuroScan

Quik-Cap EEG Positioning System.
Features: Soft-rubber electrode housings reduce patient discomfort in prone positions. Highly elastic cap provides uniform fit over wide range of head shapes and sizes. Electrodes are clearly labeled on the cap.
Electrodes are carried in soft rubber holders for added wearer comfort. Caps are available with either standard Ag/AgCl electrodes (requires re-chlorinization) OR with Ag/AgCl- Sintered electrodes (do not require re-chlorinization).
Available for MEG and fMRI applications. fMRI includes special interface linkage from MRI room to EEG amplifier outside.
Available Sizes: Newborn (34-40cm), Infant (42-48cm), Child (48-54cm), Adult-Medium (54-62), Adult-Large (62-68cm).

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Model: MagLink    Cat.No.: 001000937ML
Manufacturer: Compumedics-NeuroScan

The Maglink allows to integrate EEG and ERP recordings inside the fMRI. The MagLink is a passive "system" - a cable without electronics. The MagLink provides the ability to record during the pulse sequence without compromising the raw EEG data.
The complete MagLink system consists of MagLink Cables, MagLink Caps, a Neuroscan amplifier and the SCAN software, designed to remove ballistocardiogram, movement and eyeblink artifacts. This fully functional system has acquired EEG and fMRI data successful in the following magnets: GE Signa 1.5T and 3.0T, Siemens 1.5T, Philips 1.5 T, Varian 4.0T. Read more information or download pdf Brochure.

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Model: STIM²    Cat.No.: STIM²
Manufacturer: Compumedics-NeuroScan

STIM² is a complete software environment for custom stimulus and task design as well as presentation.
The STIM² system can be integrated in fMRI, MEG, and other functional neuro-imaging applications, and is therefore a powerful part of your functional imaging system. The software provides a familiar menu-driven interface in which to design and present visual and auditory stimulation paradigms.
Read more Details & Specification or download pdf Brochure.

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Model: 918900-918903    Cat.No.: 918900-918903
Manufacturer: Lode B.V.

MRI/fMRI Ergometers.

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Model: CURRY 6    Cat.No.: CURRY 6
Manufacturer: Compumedics-NeuroScan

For Multi-Modal Neuroimaging. CURRY 6 integrates multiple complementary functional and imagemodalities (EEG, ECoG, MEG; MRI, fMRI, PET, SPECT and CT) in a single software package for the purpose of obtaining the maximum accuracy of electrical source analysis: it provides 3-dimensional models of the skull and brain allowing the neural generators of the topographic EEG to be computed. More information or download pdf Brochure.

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Model: SOURCE V²    Cat.No.: SOURCE
Manufacturer: Compumedics-NeuroScan

SOURCE is an easy to use tool for EEG/EP source reconstruction that seamlessly integrates with the ESI and SCAN 4 software. It uses the most highly optimized source algorithms to rapidly produce dipole source reconstructions, and display the results in an MRI context. Select from several dipole models (moving, rotating, fixed, RAP MUSIC, etc.) and volume conductor models (three spherical shells, BEM and FEM).
Read more information & specifications or download pdf Brochure.

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Model: SCAN 4    Cat.No.: 00100921
Manufacturer: Compumedics-NeuroScan

A software package for EEG and Evoked Potention (EP) research. It is asoftware laboratory suitable for a wide variety of electrophysiological experiments. It enables data aquisition and on-line processing, up tp 64 channels, monitor ongoing signal average in multiple "bins", display multiple copies of incoming continuous or "epoched" data stream each receiving a different on-line transformation, on-line transformation include digital filtering, linear derivations, real-time calculation of frequancy spectrum and topographic mapping of voltage and spectra. etc...
Read more information or download pdf Brochure.

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Model: SynAmps 2/RT    Cat.No.: SynAmpsRT
Manufacturer: Compumedics-NeuroScan

EEG/EP/ERP Amplifiers, 20kHz sampling and upto 256 channels.
Capa­ble of record­ing true DC poten­tials contained in cogni­tive poten­tials to the fastest ABRs.
Avilable models:
1) SynAmps 2/RT-64 - 70 chan­nel ampli­fier system, consist­ing of 64 monopo­lar, 4 bipo­lar, and 2 high-level input chan­nels (for receiv­ing volt­age outputs from other equip­ment) per headbox.
2) SynAmps 2/RT-128 - 140 chan­nel ampli­fier system, consist­ing of two headboxes. Headbox has 64 monopo­lar, 4 bipo­lar, and 2 high-level input chan­nels (for receiv­ing volt­age outputs from other equip­ment).
3) SynAmps 2/RT is a 280 chan­nel ampli­fier system, consist­ing of 4 headboxes. Each headbox has 64 monopo­lar, 4 bipo­lar, and 2 high-level input chan­nels (for receiv­ing volt­age outputs from other equip­ment).
The same amplifier that is used in standard recording environments can also be used to record EEG data in the MRI by interfacing to the MagLink RT system.
Download pdf Brochure.

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Model: NuAmps    Cat.No.: 00101596
Manufacturer: Compumedics-NeuroScan

A 40-channel monopolar digital amplifier, used with SCAN software for recording EEG and ERP.
The NuAmps with the SCAN makes a fully functional research grade 40 channel digital EEG and ERP recording system, which utilizes the full power and capabilities of SCAN, allowing to record EEG and conduct spectral analysis, coherence and topographic mapping. Evoked potentials (EP) and event related potentials (ERP) can be recorded, averaged and processed in real-time.
Download pdf Brocure.

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