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Model: Vibratron II    Cat.No.: Vibratron II
Manufacturer: Physitemp Instruments, Inc.

Vibration Sensitivity Tester.
A non-invasive device to measure the sensitivity to vibration of a patient's hands and feet. Consists of a small controller and two separate vibrating rods.
Vibration amplitude, which is continuously adjustable, is displayed on the front panel. There are two ranges. For fine control, 0-6.5 vibration units corresponds to 0-20 microns. For low resolution, 6.5-19.9 vibration units corresponds to the 0-200 microns.
Possible environmental applications:
• Screening of multiple subjects for effects of exposure to neurotoxins - toxic dump sites, industrial accidents, solvents in chemical plants.
• Evaluating workers for job related cumulative trauma disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
• Assess peripheral Nerve function.
• Monitor Peripheral Neuropathy Field Studies or Clinical testing.

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