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iWorx Isolated ECG/EMG/EEG/GSR Biopotential Recording Module.
Record up to 3 channels of ECG, EMG, or EEG as well as GSR (Galvanic Skin Response).
Connect via USB interface to any PC or MAC.
Analyze data with easy-to-use LabScribe software.
Comes complete with electrodes and professionally developed courseware.
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Kent Scientific September 2015 Promo
50% OFF VetFlo Anesthesia Systems. Only during the month of September 2015.
This special price is limited to the first 50 systems sold.

Webinar - ICP Measurements in Rats
August 18th, at 20:00 Israel time
Chronic Recording of Intracranial Pressure (ICP) in Rats. 30-minute webinar with Q&A.
Presented by Dr. Sarah-Jane Guild, Scientific Support for Millar and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Auckland.

The webinar will focus on techniques used to chronically record both intracranial pressure and arterial pressure in rats. Data will be presented to show the stability of the signals and measurement of increased ICP in hydrocephalus.

Webinar content will include:

•Surgical methods
•Data review for ICP and arterial pressure waveforms
•Signal quality and stability
The data supporting this webinar has been published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

To register (for Session 1) go to the link:

Webinar - ICP Measurements in Rats - August 18th,

Bioseb: Activity Wheels.
Among all the possible applications that are offered by the Bioseb ACTIVWHEEL, two of them are of a particular interest:

1. Various pharmacological treatments need to be tested for their potential effect on spontaneous activity. Hormonal substitute treatments effect can be tested on mice or rat. Our Active-wheels not only provide an accurate assessment of the work expended by the animal, but also additional information regarding troubles of circadian rhythms, thanks to their very sensitive wheel access detection (26 both direction).

2. Voluntary wheel running has been used in various publications to study the effect of voluntary exercise on anxiety-related behavior. Depending on species and strength, links between exercise and reduction of anxiety measured through various paradigms have been observed (EPM, B&W Open Field : cf. S. Alisha Epps et al, Garrett el al, Duman Ch et al, etc). Most of those results have been achieved using Activity wheels for several weeks.

Thanks to a reliable USB communication protocol, Bioseb`s Activwheel is ideal for long-term studies and the acquisition can be paused or started anytime - for instance when you need to change bedding during an acquisition running over several weeks.
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Bioseb: Kinetic Weight Bearing
Measures propulsive forces using gait analyzis system.
The Kinetic Weight Bearing (KWB) is available for rats and for mice. Featuring up to 6000 pressure sensors over the whole corridor, the KWB is able to automatically analyze the weight borne on each paw while the animal crosses the corridor to get back to its home cage. The innovation lies within its unique technology: the floor is made of 3 sensor-mats that directly provide the true peak force in grams.

Complementary synchronized gait parameters are also computed: speed, cadence, number of steps, boS, overlap stride, swing, stance, propulsion duration....

KWB is a powerful tool to study traumatic spinal cord injuries and is widely used for:
• Contusions or transection models studying neuroprotective and neuroregenerative approaches
• Decompression models
• Arthritis models generated by Hemisection or MIA injection.

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Multi-Maze System for Mouse
The new MOUSE MULTI-MAZE is a modular system, enabling the user to set-up an electronically controlled maze, by combining one of the different arenas provided, and the required number of arms, in the following configurations:
•Mouse Y-Maze
•Mouse T-Maze
•Mouse 8-Arm Radial Maze


New Beehive System
The new BEEHIVE SYSTEM, is an advanced, versatile, modular system for conditioning tests. Different set-ups, can be obtained by combining the following elements:
•Touch-Screen Controller with Shocker
•Behavioral Cage/s (up to 4 with one controller)
•Expansion Box, for multiple cage set-up
•Isolation Cubicle/s Box, (if required)


New Mouse Rota-Rod NG #47650
Ugo Basile designed the original Rota-Rods more than 40 years ago. The 47650 Rota-Rod NG (Next Generation), is an evolution of the original model an the result of many years of research in cooperation with the latests development and pharmacological research.


New Hot/Cold Plate NG #35150
The new Hot/Cold Plate 35150 NG, can be used as a conventional Hot Plate or as a Cold Plate. The temperature is presettable in a range from -5C to 65C. The instrument has a cover to reduce humidity condensation on the plate at low temperatures.
Brand new, user friendly software, to set up the experiment and manage the results.

Digitimer D440 Isolated AC/DC Amplifier
Digitimer Ltd has recently announced their new D440 Isolated AC/Dc Amplifier for human use.
The D440 is designed to operate in AC, DC, differential modes and includes a manually activated or externally gated de-block function, which can be useful for minimising the effects of magnetic stimulation artifacts.
The Digitimer D440 Isolated Amplifier is a low noise solution for human EMG studies,
specifically those related to nerve excitability. Low noise performance is significantly enhanced through the use of a Driven Right Leg (DRL) circuit which reduces Common-mode interference. The D440 features an amplification range of x100 to x20k. The gain, filter and mode settings for individual channels are adjusted using their own "virtual front panel" software or other software via a COM interface.
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Valiant 2 - The new Lode Treadmill
Lode BV has released the new Valiant-2 treadmil.
Models are avaiable for:
Cardio-Pulmonary Execise Tests (cpet),
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New EEG System for Cognitive Neuroscience
The new iWorx EEG system enables researchers to study brain responses to visual and auditory stimuli (pictures, movies, and sounds) as well as tactile, olfactory and gustatory stimuli. Measure EEG Activity, Perform ERP Studies, Acquire Additional Data.
The iWorx EEG System includes a 24 channel recorder, 10 - 20 Electro-Cap with Ag/AgCl electrodes, and EEG analysis software.
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New Metabolic Assessment System from iWORX
iWORX has released a new Metabolic Assessment System -the MC-TA-300V.
It is optimized for human metabolic assessment and training applications. Measure VO2max as well as resting rates.
The system includes the GA-300 Gas Analyzer,TA control module, spirometer, Polar Heart Rate Monitor/Transmitter/Receiver, mixing chamber and LabScribe software with the Metabolic Calculations Module.
Watch a 2 minute video

LEM 10 software
Lode has released the LEM-10 software, an upgrade to the LEM-9.
The main developments can be found in the user interface and workflow of the software.
Novelties in LEM10

New moorVMS-VASC software
Moor has launched a new moorVMS-VASC software, designed for ease routine pressure cuff assessments such as Reactive Hyperaemia, Toe Pressure, Pulse Volume and ABPI. Combined with the market leading moorVMS-LDF and moorVMS-PRES modules, the software offers a powerful, patient focussed tool, with a new patient database, streamlined user interface to speed data collection and one click analysis to ease interpretation.

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